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Effects Of Weed
Effects Of Weed Posts

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Effects Of Weed

Weed drug is derived the Cannabis sativa plant. It is also popularly known as hemp, hash, grass, pot, marijuana, etc.

Weed is widely used as a recreational drug. Its medicinal uses are being researched and studied. This article looks at the good and negative effects of smoking weed.

Medicinal Effects of Weed
Cannabis is used to treat certain medical conditions. It can be used to relieve pain, vomiting and nausea.

Cannabis also helps in treating glaucoma and to stimulate hunger in AIDS and chemotherapy patients. Research is being done on the use of weed to treat depression, multiple sclerosis and similar conditions. Since scientific evidence is lacking, weed can only be used as a prescription drug, that should not be smoked. Weed use is illegal in many parts of the United States and around the world.

Negative Effects of Weed
Weed smoking can cause bloodshot eyes, dry throat and mouth, reduced blood pressure and faster pulse rate and heartbeat. Inexperienced smokers may experience fits of coughing when they smoke weed. Other negative effects of weed smoking include reduced concentration, erratic blood pressure, short term memory loss, confused feeling and distorted sight. A habitual weed smoker can develop psychological dependency on the drug.

Habitual weed smokers regularly face the above mentioned short term problems, which are exacerbated by panic anxiety attacks. Thus, they constantly feel they are losing control over their professional and personal lives. Weed use is also blamed for numerous criminal acts.

Effects of Weed on the Brain
Weed use can impact the brain which can affect memory, learning, problem solving skills, rational thinking, co-ordination and perception. More side effects of weed impact on the brain include schizophrenia, suicidal tendency, depression and increased anxiety.

More Negative Effects of Weed
Pregnant women who smoke weed and their babies are affected in numerous ways. Weed smoking during pregnancy can result in premature birth. Besides, the baby may be born with low birth weight. Weed use can also affect fertility. Youngsters who smoke weed may face problems in physical and sexual development.

Habitual weed use can cause chest pain as it affects blood supply to the heart. Smoking weed affects the functioning of lungs, and irritates the lung lining. Weed smokers are at a higher risk of suffering lung cancer. Prolonged weed abuse can thus prove fatal.

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