Effects of Weed on the Lungs

Smoke is known to cause problems, no matter what it is you are smoking, and marijuana smoke is not different. When you choose to smoke weed, you are more than likely doing it for the high you receive from it but are not taking into consideration the health risks. Some people will have you believe that there are no side effects to smoking marijuana, but that is not true. When you burn it, you release chemicals that can affect you in several different ways, including in your lungs. The effects of weed on the lungs are well documented and, if you have smoked or do smoke weed, you have more than likely experienced it. That cough and those breathing problems are all side effects to the weed, along with other respiratory problems. The fact that marijuana smokers hold the smoke in for longer contributes to these problems, too. With any smoke, you run the risk of damaging your lungs and becoming ill but many weed smokers do not realize this. The effects of weed are not small and can even have you risking your life (but it takes a lot to get near this point).

Smoking for a while will begin to show the effects of weed on the lungs. You will have that cough that many smokers do, you will see phlegm, and you will have various chest and lung problems. There are several effects of weed but the lungs are definitely the one you will notice the most. If you choose to smoke, there is no way to get around the chemicals the smoke produces. Respiratory illness risk rises, your chest will begin to hurt more often, and you will see these effects beginning to take shape. Smoke is dangerous, no matter what it is from, and it does not end well. In fact, weed even has more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco and, if you bring in the fact that marijuana smokers on often hold in their smoke, there is little to debate on this fact. Your lungs are in danger with every type of smoke, even weed smoke.

Of course, the effects of weed are more than the discomfort and illnesses in the lungs, there is also the chance of cancer in your lungs. While it has only shown to bring up the chances, it is still something every smoker needs to remember. Cancer is not something to take lightly and those who choose to smoke weed do not always take into consideration everything that can happen. The effects of weed do reach too many parts of the body and do several things, and this includes sometimes increasing your cancer risk. But sometimes smoking weed protects you also from some types of cancer.

There is no denying the fact that weed does have its negative side effects. Any person who has smoked can tell you of the coughing associated, something that worsens the longer you smoke. You run the risk of serious respiratory illnesses and several lung problems. Weed is not something that should be looked at innocently because it has more to it than what others tell you. There are dangerous associated with every smoke, and that does apply to marijuana smoke.

But there is also a positive effect of weed on your lungs.

A healthy lung compared to a lung filled with tar

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